2020: The Year of World Kindness & Compassion

As we end 2019, please take a moment to reflect on all your trials peace dove picassoand triumphs.  Know that you are strong enough and you are loved.

Let’s move into 2020 as the year where we continuously work on including Planned Acts of Kindness in our everyday lives.  Making the World a better place to live and to Be part of the solution.

Let’s moved forward with and open mind and heart, with compassion and kindness for all living beings: big and small; human and non human.

The light of love is within you, this is a treasure of humanity.  Live with a spirit of peace.

I urge you to continue or begin your journey into veganism.  This in itself is an act of kindness for the planet, the animals, our children and their children, and oneself.

Let’s sow seeds of peace, compassion, and happiness for all living beings and make 2020 The Year of World Kindness & Compassion.

happy new year 2020




It is a little discouraging to look around and hear individuals complaining about, animal cruelty, climate crisis, violence, diminishing health, world hunger.  It is discouraging because their is an answer to ease all these things I have just mentioned.  The answer lies on your plate.  What you eat and what you buy, can change things for the better.  The answer is veganism (whole food plant based eating).

Why would otherwise loving individuals find it so hard to actually do something and change?

why you should

Please open up your mind to the possibility of being a hero to the world and yourself.  Live Vegan!


Schools should adopt healthier food offering for the students.

school lunch

Okay, you are a young individual, or a parent, and you want to begin a campaign at your school or your child’s school.  What do you do?

You can request to meet with your school principal and the teachers to let them know about the many benefits of  plant based foods.  You can ask them to  add some vegan options to the menu.

Here is a sample letter you can customize and use.

Dear  :

I’d like your help in starting some vegan options in our school cafeteria. This effort will enable our school staff and students to make healthier choices when eating – as well as improve the health of the planet.

Serving our kids healthier food is a public health initiative that our school can and should participate in. The goal is to reduce chronic preventable diseases by encouraging plant-based options.

By adopting some vegan options at our school, we can:

  • Demonstrate industry leadership. We’ll join hundreds of other forward-thinking schools and organizations that are guiding the U.S. towards a healthier, more sustainable food system.
  • Show commitment to the health of students and staff. By providing more plant-based choices on your menu, you’re helping members of your school community live healthier lives.
  • Reduce environmental impact. Help in a significant reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • Promote healthy eating habits that could last a lifetime.
  • Meets growing demand for plant based dishes

Schools across the nation and globally are already getting on board.  I hope you’ll support me in this effort. Please let me know if you’d like to meet to discuss in more detail.

Many thanks for your interest and consideration.

Sincerely yours,



As always, if there is something we at HeartnSole LLC can do to help, please contact us at heartnsole3@yahoo.com.